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Why Devuan for my home server

Automation, stability without systemd, yes please.

I’m running my home server on Devuan for a few reasons.

Why not Arch Linux? Arch Linux is great, but it’s not made for automatic updates and my drive is to automate things while having reliability. With Devuan I can do automatic updates. One can’t achieve this on Arch with reliability.

I’m also managing the entire setup using DebOps for now. It’s a fancy Ansible project to manage a lot of what I need. One could probably achieve this on Arch, but there is better support for the Debian family.

Why not Debian / Ubuntu then? Well that’s easy, because I like having choice and being forced to use really bad software like systemd is definitely not for me thank you.

My end goal would be to switch out Devuan for GNU Guix, however my lack of expertise in that area is keeping me from running it as a server for now.


Date: 2019-09-13

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